Oh yeah FYI — Breezy made the shot :) while Coco was routing her on. LOL only breezy would hoop in her sneaker wedges. #pow #ball #twins #love #adidas (Taken with Instagram)

We did an interview with Convention Magazine! We speak about our progression as entrepreneurs && woman… As well as our recent collaborations and projects!

It was such an experience to work with adidas, that we wanted to share again with you the video about the white space project. 

(Source: cocoandbreezy.com)


Coco and Breezy for Adidas

Our beautiful Mother!! ++ US!! #nyc #cocoandbreezy photo by:: Alexander Hernandez ✌ (Taken with instagram)

Did you know that we also were singers? Hahaha just kidding. Just making a closing speech at the @adidasoriginals #wsp #Powwww

DIY Lesson by C&&B for “The White Space Project” by @adidasoriginals #wsp

With our mentors @ShaneandShawn at the @adidasoriginals #wsp 

C&&B w/ @yunamusic huge picture on the wall at the @adidasoriginals #wsp 

C&&B rocking their Adidas outfit at the @adidasoriginals #wsp