C&&B - Shield of Protection

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All of our Rainy Days are on sale until the independence Days ! You too get your pair of sunglasses ! Only $99.99 (Black/White - Black/Woodgrain) 


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Rainy Days

Our Pop-Up shop in Toronto at JacFlash!

We had so much fun during our first time in Toronto!! The Pop-up was amazing!! It was great seeing all of you!!

Next stop NYC!

Where should we go next?! Any suggestions?!

Simple is More Coco #outfitoftheday (Taken with instagram)

Our beautiful Mother!! ++ US!! #nyc #cocoandbreezy photo by:: Alexander Hernandez ✌ (Taken with instagram)

Cheese……..!!!! #breezy #cocoandbreezy #leather #sunglasses (Taken with instagram)

Lady in Red … #RainyDays

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#RAINYDAYS C&&B Eyewear…. #AllBlack.

With our mentors @ShaneandShawn at the @adidasoriginals #wsp 

Welcome to Planet C&&B

Photographer: Jordan James Photography

Stylist: Chrissie Guggemos


MUA: Michael P

Hair: Shawn Lamar Jernigan 

Coco && Breezy "Rainy Days" Sunglasses 

On Red Carpet of Nicki Minaj [Nokia Lumia 900] Event … We are wearing our new

Copy and Paste x Coco && Breezy Collab Appetizer Varsity Jacket …..COMING SOON!!!!

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Invasion of Planet C&&B // Designers ++ Models shoot

"No Sunglasses on..Giving Face…That makes me Shy… When you look into my eyes ..You are looking into my Soul…But I wont let you in… Face the fact the art is TRUE …This is the Deal .. It comes from with in, And im telling you TO MARK MY WORDS ..BECAUSE THEY ARE REAL"  :-)

                                 - Coco && Breezy

Photography By: DeAndre DaCosta

Coco // Paris (Muse Models)  // Breezy // Josilyn (DNA Models)

GET THE C&&B LOOK — Coco : C&&B "Cyclopse Eye Patch" - $45


Paris : C&&B  "Wear-Able Art" Custom Necklace - $55 // "Wear-Able Art" Custom Bracelet - $75

Breezy : C&&B "Art-Mania" Wear-Able Art Bracelet - $75 //  Blk&&White "Rainy Days" Sunglasses - $125

Josilyn: JACKET - Coco && Breezy X Copy and Paste Collaboration COMING SOON!

C&&B "Chromatic" Wear-Able Art Necklace -$55 // Clear "Rainy Days" Sunglasses-$125// C&&B "FACES LOGO" KEY RING - $9.95

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We did an interview with the German site TWO FOR FASHION!! There is also a lil’ video… :) xx C&&B