As designers keeping up the creative process sometimes is rough. But, we pull inspiration out of everything we see. It might be a fish, a light, an umbrella.
For the “Spikey Stud” we sought out inspiration through the Black Sea Urchin.
The Black Sea Urchin grows it’s spicules for protection.
We created our eyewear for protection.
See the connection between the two? :)

Coco && Breezy && @IAMDURIO Fashion Short Film


Directed/Produced: Durio @IAMDURIO
Co-Produced: Coco && Breezy
Edited: Durio & Coco
Extra: C&&B Dad Cornell Dotson
Song : Creatures - The Cataracs

Eyewear Designers Coco && Breezy + Director Durio heard this song one night in Houston, TX, and we were so inspired , so we decided to shoot the video the next day. Coco && Breezy are wearing the sunglasses from their present collection “Rainy Days”.



                  Coco && Breezy "BLACK RAIN" SHORT FILM - RELEASES 11.20.11

                                             Filmed in Houston, TX

       Directed / Produced - DURIO

                       Co-Produced - COCO&&BREEZY 

              Characters - COCO && BREEZY

   Extra - Cornell (C&&B DAD) Dotson

   Song - “Creatures” by The Cataracs

   COCO && BREEZY WEARING “Rainy Days” Sunglasses From CocoandBreezy.Com