Coco && Breezy x @asvpxrocky ….Flyness. Dope to finally meet in person.. We been in a few of the same magazines together… #POW // YOUNG && IN POWER!

Reading a Great Book.. it really opens my mind to new things..

Be sure to take the time out to research, and expand your mind!

Sisterly Love… 

Its a Beautiful thing that we are twins and partners in business. 

When we are in our creative process..

-our minds bounce off ideas from each other

-we finish each others sentances

-Breezy starts off a design, and Coco finishes it up with her special touch

-We inspire each other.. 

*Blessed to be twins!

Photo by: Corey Washington

This Morning Coco && Breezy take a visit to [[WALL ST OCCUPY]] ……….

Coco the Lady and Breezy with the androgynous look..

Styling by Ugo Mozie & Ramon  -


— with Ugo Mozié and CocoBreezy Aponte-Dotson.

The way it looks like behind my #RainyDays ! 


on set……(behind the scenes) Photoshoot for Exposé Magazine. Breezy wearing a tank top from @TrapstarLDN & Coco wearing a Fringe Tank from @Duckie_confetti


Love to TRAVEL. 

As an creator, it is important to expand your mind. 


Fashion duo CoCo & Breezy outside the Bryan Park Hotel in NYC during Fashion week.  


Canal Street, New York | Coco and Breezy 

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Behind the scenes of photo shoot for  ROMANS CLOSET website!

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One day we were walking in NYC… a homeless lady by the name of Julie really attracted our attention with her beautiful art work. 

Today we walked and seen her again, so we stopped and sat with her for a Hour and asked her about her story, and what got her on the streets. She was married for 25yrs, and her Husband died in 2005, and after he died the government left her with Nothing!

That is when she found her love for painting… she is a very inspiring women to speak to. You never know what someone has been thru in their life… 

never judge..

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 LOLLLL.. we just put the funniest video on Youtube of us Singing @BritneySpears Check it


Pic #3-  @JuneAmbrose & Daughter…  #GoodTimes. … wearing our pink & orange “C&&B 4 kids” bracelets… 

btw. happy 40th bday @juneambrose … you look amazing!