Look Of the Day:

Coco wearing Moji Moji Paris Middle Finger Sweat Shirt && Adeen Hat

Breezy wearing: Gold “Rainy Days” C&&B Sunglasses && Vintage Sweater


Check us out in the interview we did with Donnie DuRight from MimiRow.com!

Find out about our wild journey from our home in Minnesota all the way to New York City, and how we finally arrived on Planet C&&B. Living in New York City has truly morphed us into the designers that we are, but no matter where we go we always remember where we came from!

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Coco && Breezy……… ….. .. .… 


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          Before                                                                      After

Statue of Liberty wearing “Coco && Breezy” Eyewear !!! Best Photo ever!

This is a before & After photo… We walked past this Guy, that was dressed up & getting photographed dressed up like the [Statue of Liberty]

He was wearing some….. non-fashionable sunglasses, so we had to help him out with that. We “COCO && BREEZY’ed ” him out!!!!!! 

He felt Fabulous, you can tell… look at that rockstar pose… we didn’t even tell him to pose like that…. 

Statue of Liberty wearing our “Black Liners” $75.00 


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Good summer times… with good Friends.  . .

Its awesome to have friends, that everyone expresses their style in their own way & soo talented…

Coco && Breezy, Theophilus London, Jade, Solange, Dai, Shaun Ross, Watts, Nikki, The 2 guys in the back, i Totz forgot their names, but we just met them that day && they were pretty awesome !

Sisterly love…Twins..Best Friends.. we have the best connection..

Coco && Breezy 

enjoy Life


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