C&&B | @Nickonken | @JasmineSolano

C&&B + Nick Onken + Jasmine Solano  …………… We were having fun with Nicks vintage cameras. You can tell who is NOT the natural… HAHA! Breezy left her lens cap on ! HAHA

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Photoshoot with our Great Friend/ Amazing Photographer @NickOnken

View his post about us: http://nickonken.com/blog/2012/07/coco-breezy.html

View All of his work: nickonken.com

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"Minus the Polariods , these were all shot on my Hasselblad 503CW with Kodak Portra 400 & 800." - Nick Onken.

This Week has been exciting shooting with 2 amazingggg famous photographers. We had the honor to work with Nick Onken && Martin Schoeller.

Day 1 - Shoot with NICK ONKEN | http://www.nickonken.com | @NickOnken

Project: INKED MAGAZINE for first few looks. The last few looks were for NIck’s personal project.

NIck is an awesome photographer && an awesome friend…. he has a great vision when shooting and it was great to finally have worked with him. U’ve prob seen his work before. Recently the Conde Nast Traveler Magazine that is out….. yaaa.. he shot the cover + 10 page spread… lol yepp thats him.

Shot in film…. lol….and alot of it hahaha!

DAY 2- Shoot with Martin Schoeller | martinschoeller.com

Project - Twin Book

It was def an honor to shoot with him…he actually contacting us yesterday about shooting and we did the photoshoot today. HAHA things happen fast. 

He is famous for his portraits that he has shot of Obama, Cindy Sherman, John McCain, Angelina Jolie, and more…and now he can add COCO && BREEZY to the list! 

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Polaroids with our sketches in the background…..@NickOnken is sooo creative! xx

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#SIsterlyLove …..That was us yesterday on our way on set for our shoot for INKED MGAZINE …shot by @NickOnken …FInally got to shoot with him…his work is amazing!!!! NIckOnken.com

Pic taken by the amazing @nickonken 


Last Night - Cc: @cocoandbreezy @nickonken