New tat by our tattoo Artist from Paris @walterhego from @lencrerie … #tattoo #trill #walterhego #ny #fashion (Taken with instagram)

C&&B ++ Channel 9 news in our hometown a few months back… #pow #twins #tattoo #rainydays #fashion (Taken with instagram)

New tattoo by @steel_ta2 ++ #outfitOFtheDaY #cocoandbreezy #fashion #tattoo #nyc (Taken with instagram)

Us ++ Model Francis behind the scenes of “Urban Ink” Magazine Shoot!

[[inkkkkkk our body all up]]

I love Every single one of our Tattoos….

Be sure that if you get ink on your body, you get a tattoo that really means something to you!

NEW TATTOO: We got new Ink, You guys know we love tattoos && we get a tattoo as a souvenir when we travel. This is our Houston, Texas souvenir. 

Tattoo: Isis “Egyptian Goddess” 

Artist: @derrinthetatman 


Shhhh… dont say a word…

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#977—Coco and Breezy

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Tattoo Artist from Paris “Walter Hego” sent us a picture of a guy he tatted. He said the guy is a huge fan of our product, and got a tattoo inspired with our sunglasses. 

Super Cool!!! thanxx for the support… and WALTER HEGO is a amazingggg tattoo artist in Paris,France. (If you seen the eiffel tower tattoo we have, it was done in Paris by Walter Hego!) 


Me with Coco and Breezy again. Love you girls :)